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Cory Letters -- March 25, 1862

Note: John Parker was another private from Company E, 6th Cavalry. The mention of his shoulder running is most likely a reference to the draining of the abscess that he had there when he was admitted. I’m not sure what certificate he referred to. It could be a discharge certificate for disability, but the one in his records is dated June 1862. Kate’s letter may have been perused by censors, though I didn’t know they were active this early in the war. The reference to free government land is interesting, as I haven’t seen anything else offered but bounties so far in my research.

Kalorama Hospital
March 25th, 62

Dear Mother,

I am sitting on a big chair with a stand beside me & I take the opportunity of writing to you. I recd 2 letters from John Parker this forenoon they were at Alexandria. One he wrote last night, the other this morning. They have gone in the fleet to Fortress Monroe. He sent my satchel to Washington by express.

Our Tenant Frederick Scriver has gone to the city after it he is a good fellow. A young man died in here last night & there is another that is almost dead. About 6 weeks ago there was 81 Patients here now there is only 50. It is a week ago Sunday night since any died there was three died that night. They have inspection twice a week. There was 10 discharged from here this morning. There is but two sick ones in the room besides myself. My shoulder has got most done running and I can lay a great deal easier. I can walk some but my limbs are weak yet. I gain in flesh & strength & hope every day. It is a pleasant place this. I can look out of the window when sitting up. The opposite hills are covered with tents the men are drilling now about a thousand in No. John said he would write to me as quick as they landed and if they are going to stay in one place long enough I will send for that certificate & my pay & send them to you. I want you to tell me when you go over to Aunt Mary’s. Also where Homer is. Has Beagle left Adrian yet. When I got Kates last letter there was another envelope over it dated about three days later than it ought to be & from Washington.

They say that we wont get Paid off untill May there will be four months pay due us then. They are paying the western troops now. Have you heard from George yet. If I get discharged I shant get my $100 bounty but I can draw 160 acres of government land. How would you like to go out west and live. I know you wouldn’t like to leave Adrian.

Evening. I did not get my sachel they said it hadn’t come but could tomorrow & then if it hasn’t come leave the recpt & we will see to it. I hope you will write as often as you can & Kate to tell me all the news Ha Ha.

I cant think of anything more to write just now so good by write soon.
James H. Cory

Mrs. B.M. Cory

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