Friday, July 18, 2008

Cory Letters -- December 12, 1861

Note: This letter provides some insight to the financial straits on the homefront back in Michigan with him, his father and possibly another brother away in the army. Five dollars was nearly half a month’s pay for James at this time.

Dec. 12th, 1861

Dear Mother,

I recd your letter this noon (Thursday). I was glad to hear from you but sorry to hear that you were ill. You did not say whether you got that Dollar or not sent one to pay the Freight on that box: I sent a two & a half gol piece the fore part of this week.

I have been having my jacket fixed and when it comes back if I have a dollar left I will send it to you. I hope that you will get what I sent. If you can borrow five dollars untill next payday which ought to be the 1st of next month. I will send it to you and more if I can. I can not write any more tonight as I have got to go on stable guard from now (6 oclock) untill ten or so good night.

13th. It is very cold this morning in our tents. I hope we shall soon be in our barracks. For the last two or three days every odd minute that we get is occupied in putting and edge on our sabers. We have wore one small grindstone almost up. We grind untill Tapps eight oclock. My fingers are getting so cold that I cant write any more. If you get the money that I have sent I want you to tell me all of it. Write often and tell Kate to do so to.

From your son J.H. Cory

Mrs. B.M. Cory

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