Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New battle blog - Kelly's Ford

As some of you may have already seen yesterday at To The Sound of the Guns, Craig Swain and I have launched a 'battle-blog' on the March 17, 1863 cavalry battle at Kelly's Ford, Virginia.

The Battle of Kelly's Ford is an attempt to use the blog medium to create a digital history of the battle, similar to Harry Smeltzer's Bull Runnings and Brain Downey's Behind Antietam on the Web.

The site is still under construction, with only the Official Records reports and order of battle information posted so far. We hope to incorporate at least partial points of view from every unit involved and biographical sketches of their leaders.

We wanted to start with a small, relatively self-contained battle for this experiment before taking on something larger. We'll see where it goes.


Brett Schulte said...

Great idea Don! I have often thought about doing this for a specific battle myself. I'll be following you guys like I've been following Harry at Bull Runnings. This should prove interesting...

Don said...

Thanks, Brett. I have high hopes for it, and we've had a lot of interest and offers of help from others, so it should be a really fun project.