Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Travelling Blogger

My apologies for the scarcity of posts over the last week or two, but we’ve reached that time of year when those who teach young college and university cadets to become army officers must head to the great northwest to train them at summer camp. Things have been a bit hectic getting settled and prepared for the summer’s events, but I am now more or less comfortably ensconced in my hotel (not, fortunately, the one with the bedbug problem) and ready to resume posting. I don’t have all of my resources due to space and airline weight restrictions, but posting will resume at a rate of one to two posts per week as time permits. The last Charles Bates letter for 1863 will post tomorrow, to be followed by several Fiddler’s Green entries, monthly updates on the 6th Cavalry in 1862, and another series of letters by an enlisted man in a different regiment. At least one book will be reviewed as well, as soon as my Father's Day present makes it from JD to Gina to me out here in Washington. Stay tuned.

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