Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6th Cavalry -- June 1862

The regiment continued active campaigning in June, moving up the peninsula as part of the advance guard of the Army of the Potomac. Ironically, by the end of the month the regiment was back in Yorktown. Companies C and L, not yet at full strength, remained in Washington under the command of Captain James Brisbin. The regiment's assigned strength this month was 921 officers and enlisted men.

Of the 42 officers assigned, 20 were listed as present for duty, including Assistant Surgeon J.H. Pooley. Captain August V. Kautz commanded the regiment at month’s end. Three of the regiment’s companies, D, E and F, were led by lieutenants. Captain Abert (D), 1st Lt Hutchins (E) and 2nd Lt Madden (M) were absent sick at “Coal Harbor” with regimental quartermaster 1st Lt John Spangler and the regimental trains at month’s end.

Captain Kautz’ narrative of the month’s activities is listed at the bottom of the month’s muster rolls. The camp is listed as “Camp near Yorktown Va.”

“The Regiment from the 1st until the 25th was engaged in scouting and picket duty in the vicinity of the Chickahominy. Marched and Encamped at various points near Richmond. Left Camp near Coal Harbor on the 25th. Marched toward Hanover and White House from thence to Yorktown on the 28th.”

Several members of the regiment were wounded while serving as the brigade’s provost guard during the battle of Gaines Mill on June 26th. Private H.C. Smith of Company H was wounded at the battle of Hanover Court House on June 27th.

The regiment had 800 enlisted men at the end of the month, but only 535 present for duty. Of the 245 troopers absent, 110 were on detached service. Health conditions continued to take a toll on the regiment’s strength, with 31 troopers sick in camp and 110 sick in hospitals away from the regiment. 23 continued to serve on extra duties away from the regiment, mostly as teamsters for the Quartermaster Department. 65 troopers were absent on leave, and one was absent without leave.

No soldiers died in June. One soldier is listed on the muster rolls, but it was a death from a previous month. Private Samuel Stevely of Company K died of disease at Ship Point, Virginia on April 27, 1862. Nine privates deserted from the regiment this month, five from Company I, three from Company M and one from Company K. Two privates from Company K, Morris Grooms and Clark Lattin, were discharged for disability on June 1st. Five troopers were listed as missing and assumed taken prisoner this month, two corporals and three privates.

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