Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Harpers Ferry Update

Okay, I'm back after the long weekend relaxed, recharged and ready to get back to work. The projects continue to bubble up (something we referred to as mission-creep in my former line of work), but I thought I'd revisit one of the ongoing ones that has expanded far beyond the short term status where it originated.

The study of the escape of the cavalry from Harpers Ferry continues. Each time I think I'm nearly finished, more material pops up. Brian Downey was kind enough to send along Allan Tischler's book on the expedition, which I'm still working my way through. It is a very well-researched book, but the way it's laid out makes it very difficult to work through. Virtually every version of the story is examined, with various errors and cases of plagiarism identified in each. Unfortunately, the method of examination doesn't lead to a coherent narrative of what did happen, making the work more of a critical bibliography than a history. A very good reference book, in any case. Thanks again, Brian.

Don Enderton was also kind enough to forward copies of his father's personally published The Private Journal of Abraham J. Warner, which should provide some interesting insights and information as well. This is a primary source that I hadn't been able to locate anywhere else, so Don's generosity is greatly appreciated. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

So much research, so little time....

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