Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Call for Assistance

I try not to venture off-topic too much, but I received this via the association newsletter today and posting it seemed appropriate. This is the same regiment whose alumni include John Buford, Wesley Merritt and many others, still on continuous active service since its formation in 1836. Regardless of one's feelings about the war, those families who lose loved ones will still need assistance.

The following was posted yesterday by Reunion Coordinator and Association Webmaster Chris Skylion:

News From Baghdad: 2d Cavalry is the"Hammer"

I am going to step out of my role as ReUnion Coordinator and speak to you as a former 2d Cavalry Officer and a veteran of the Vietnam conflict. Something I rarely if ever do.I recently wrote to you to provide access to the latest news from Baghdad. NEWS

Much of that news is about the courageous and audacious soldiers that are the quick reaction force in the middle of Baghdad, our 2d Cavalry. If you read that news you know that the price to the 2d Cavalry is the sad reality of numerous casualties amid the grizzly business of bushing the extremists out of the capital. I am writing to you this evening knowing that at this very moment our fellow Dragoons are on the bloody point of the spear. They are engaged in a battle that is the fiercest and deadliest form of warfare - urban, door to door combat. Your association is working hard to support, comfort and sadly memorialize the men and women of the 2d Cavalry. We need you to step up and help us do that. Please go to our registration website and donate to our general fund so that we will have the resources to support our brothers. I want you to give to our troops at least the cost of a dinner in your local restaurant - $25. With your support we can make a difference - please help us help them! Go to the ReUnion Registration Website now and scroll down to Donations. Give what you can and we will do the rest. Click on the following: Donate to Support Our Brothers!
Thank you in advance for your support.

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