Monday, October 29, 2007

Bates letters - June 27, 1862

Camp Lincoln, Va
June 27th 1862

Dear Parents,

What a mysterious world this is, and what an amount of the world’s share attends this army. Yesterday at this time not a sound of any kind to show that a battle was on the stocks was to be heard. To-day it is very still also, yet within the last twenty four hours one of the hardest fights of the war has been done, and two thousand graves added to the valley of the Chickahominy.

Not half an hour after I finished my letter yesterday the cannonading commenced and kept up a steady roar until 9 Oclock. Then this morning it commenced again and for three hours it was tremendous. Now it has stopped again, but the troops are moving to the front and it will be “seven times hotter” before night. I haven’t time to write much as we get in the saddle ourselves at 12, but I think we will be able to spend fourth of July in Richmond.

I got two letters this morning, one from Johnson, one from Hi Mattoun. Tell Johnson to give my respects to Hi. I shall write as I can to him. That Phoenix bank bill I sent to you was sold given to me by “an intelligent contraband” for southern scrip. I didn’t know it was good but sent it anyway.
I must close for present.
I remain
Charles E. Bates

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