Monday, July 30, 2007

6th Cavalry Dead at Andersonville

During the course of my research, I recently discovered 13 troopers of the 6th Cavalry who were captured and died at Andersonville. I haven't yet discovered when they were captured, though the dates make it unlikely that any of them were captured at Fairfield. Since I'm in the process of trying to transcribe that list from the muster rolls now, I should be able to confirm that by the end of next month. The troopers are listed below. I haven't found any data to suggest that the two deaths on the same day were anything other than coincidence.

Bird, Morris H. Private Co. E August 23, 1864
Blossom, Charles Private Co I May 22, 1864
Bradman, Alvah M. Sergeant Co M August 23, 1864
Clifford, Jeremiah Private Co B September 17, 1864
Doney, John W. Sergeant Co C May 21, 1864
Dunn, John Private Co A May 6, 1864
Ferguson, Joseph Private Co E March 13, 1864
Furl, George W. Private Co D July 7, 1864
Johnson, Peter Private Co F May 15, 1864
McClellan, Jonathan Private Co D March 31, 1864
Meadow, John Private Co E June 25, 1864
Miller, Charles H. Private Co E July 5, 1864
Robinson, William R. Private Co H June 30, 1864

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