Monday, July 30, 2007

6th Cavalry Database Update

After a good bit of fiddling, tweaking, adjusting, reformatting and several other -ings, the 6th US Cavalry database is functional. There is a great deal more information to be added to it, but it's finally in a format that I'm content with (for now) that is searchable. Of the 2800+ names currently in the database, most have at least a little information with them other than name and regiment. The search of volunteer regiments for more names continues. This week it's Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I discovered that Excel worked well as a format for the enlisted soldiers, but am going with Word for the officers for now. There are two reasons for this. One is that the numbers are much smaller, so it's manageable as a Word document. The second is that there is a LOT more text for each entry with the officers. There's simply more information available on them.

I'd like to take the search to the genealogy forums next, but won't have time to do so for a little while yet.

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