Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Starr's Classics Republished This Fall

I noticed last night that Stephen Starr's classic three volume series on the Union cavalry, The Union Cavalry in the Civil War, will be republished in September. All three volumes will be republished in a paperback format. Those interested in pre-ordering can check the Amazon listing here.

This is great news for cavalry enthusiasts, as previous editions of Starr's books have become increasingly difficult to find. It is a wonderful reference, though I didn't see anything in the listings about revisions, additions or new information.


Eric Wittenberg said...


Unfortunately, Starr's been dead for a couple of decades now, so if there were to be revisions, someone would have had to do them. Consequently, I would have been REALLY surprised to see them reprinted in any fashion other than as originally done.


Don said...

Starr of course couldn't do them, but it just seems curious to me given the wealth of work completed on cavalry operations during the war since they were published that 'someone' hasn't done so. This of course begs the question of 'who'.
Given how much more is out there now, though, such a thing might not be possible. When I stop to consider the length of works on cavalry operations in single campaigns (Sherman's Horsemen and your own upcoming three volume series on Gettysburg, for example), I can how such a work could become an encyclopedia set.