Sunday, May 27, 2007

Regular Cavalry Officer Database

After looking over my references and notes for a couple of days, I've decided I may be able to at least partially rectify the lack of information on Regular cavalry officers during the war. Despite the number of posts about the 2nd/5th Cavalry over the last month or so, I've really been trying to learn more about the 6th US Cavalry. I like the idea of being able to follow a regular unit from its inception throughout the course of the war. So we'll start this project with the 6th.

I'm not sure of the best way to format it, but for now will rely on a simple alphabetic listing in a word document. I'd love to hear any recommendations from out there on possible better ways to manage this. I suppose as I'm able to flesh it out I'll have to find a website for it as well, since I don't think blogger does attached web pages.

This will not replace my habitual Fiddler's Green posts, but does serve as fair warning that there may be a 6th Cav flavor to it at times.

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