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Officers of the 1st/4th US Cavalry in 1861, Part IV

June was a quiet month for the regiment. 2ndLt Charles C. Campbell, one of the West Point graduates from the first class of the year, was dismissed from the service for “resigning his commission in the face of the enemy.” This was apparently different from other resignations, as it was listed under dismissals instead of resignations in War Department General Orders No. 62. Joseph C. Audenreid, a cadet from the second class of 1861, replaced him on June 24th. Audenreid subsequently vacated the commission for an appointment as a 1stLt in the forming 6th US Cavalry.

Captain John A. Thompson transferred from Company K to command of Company F on July 1st, in place of Captain Eli Long. Long, though still nominally assigned to the regiment, had been appointed Colonel of the 4th Ohio Cavalry earlier in the year. Captain Frank Wheaton of Company A was appointed LtCol of the 2nd Rhode Island Infantry on July 10th. Companies A and E participated in the crossing of the Potomac and first battle of Bull Run later in the month. On July 31st, Captain Henry B. Davidson of Company H was dropped from the army’s rolls for absence. He started leave on July 1st and never returned.

August was another turbulent month for officers of the regiment. On August 3rd, the regiment became the 4th US cavalry by an act of Congress consolidating all six mounted regiments under one arm. Two days later, three more civilians were appointed second lieutenants in the regiment. Copley Amory of Massachusetts and Anson O. Doolittle of Wisconsin joined Company B. Joseph Hedges of Ohio filled the vacant second lieutenant position in Company A. Two second lieutenants were assigned to Company B because the 1stLt, George G. Huntt, was assigned as the regimental adjutant the same month. Captain William N.R. Beall of Company A resigned on August 20th. George Bayard assumed this position the same day, his first lieutenancy in Company D filled by Tillinghast L’Hommediu of Company E.

Three of the regiment’s officers were appointed brigadier generals of volunteers in August as well. Major Samuel D. Sturgis was first on the 10th, followed three days later by Major George Stoneman through presidential appointment. Colonel John Sedgwick followed on August 31st. All three continued to be carried on the regiment’s rolls. Two of the regiment’s companies fought in the battle of Wilson’s Creek in August as well.

George Bayard departed in September to accept the colonelcy of the 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry. Eugene B. Beaumont was promoted to 1stLt of Company B on September 14. Two enlisted men were commissioned second lieutenants in October. First Sergeant William O’Connell of Company B was assigned to Company E, and First Sergeant Henry Gordon of Company C was assigned to Company H. LtCol Wood and Captain David S. Stanley of Company C were appointed brigadier generals of volunteers on October 11 and September 28 respectively

The regiment didn’t feel Wood’s loss too keenly, as he was promoted to Colonel of the 2nd US Cavalry on November 12th. He was replaced by LtCol James Oakes of the 5th US Cavalry. Oakes had also been appointed as a brigadier general of volunteers on May 17th, but turned down the appointment due to the lingering effects of injuries received fighting Indians prior to the war.

At the end of the year, only five of the thirty four officers assigned to the 4th USCavalry are still with the regiment. Three of them were first lieutenants and the other two were second lieutenants at the beginning of the year. The colonel nominally in command of the regiment and both majors were serving with volunteer units. Five of the ten company commanders, technically present with the unit, were also with volunteer units. Lieutenants lead six of the ten companies. Although 34 officers are assigned to the regiment, only 25 are present. Officer assignments as of December 31, 1861 are listed below:

Colonel John Sedgwick (BG, Volunteers)
Lt Col James Oakes
Maj Samuel D. Sturgis (BG, Volunteers)
Maj George Stoneman (BG, Volunteers)
Adjutant (1Lt) George G. Huntt

Company A
Capt George D. Bayard (Col, 1st PA Cav)
1st Lt Thomas H. McCormick
2nd Lt Joseph Hedges
Company B
Capt Frank Wheaton (LtCol, 2nd RI Inf)
1st Lt Eugene B. Beaumont
2nd Lt Anson O. Doolittle
2nd Lt Amory Copley
Company C
Capt David S. Stanley (BG, Volunteers)
1st Lt Charles S. Bowman
2nd Lt Michael J. Kelly
Company D
Capt Eugene W. Crittenden
1st Lt Tillinghast L’Hommediu
2nd Lt Edward D. Baker
Company E
Capt James B. McIntyre
1st Lt Samuel W. Stockton
2nd Lt William O’Connell
Company F
Capt John A. Thompson
1st Lt Thomas B. Alexander
Company G
Capt Elmer Otis
1st Lt Walter Wilson
2nd Lt Edward M. McCook
Company H
1st Lt John A. Wilcox
2nd Lt Henry Gordon
Company I
Capt Eugene A. Carr (Col, 3rd IL Cav)
1st Lt Napoleon B. McLoughlin
2nd Lt Malbone F. Watson
Company K
Capt Eli Long (Col, 4th OH Cav)
1st Lt Clarence Mouck
2nd Lt William W. Webb

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