Tuesday, March 13, 2007


In retrospect, I should have labeled one of last week's posts "Coming Soon." There have been delays in several posts in the making, all of which readers should see here in the near future. The initial Fiddler's Green entry on August V. Kautz is nearly finished, for example. There was more information there than I'd expected, including an attempted ascent of Mount Rainier before the war. The comparison of resignations in the two dragoon regiments and the two cavalry regiments is still in the works, as is the road to war entry for the 1st Dragoons/1st Cavalry. All of these are still in the works, they're just not finished yet.

An article that I read on Dimitri Rotov's blog while looking for information on Stephen Sears' To The Gates of Richmond led me to The Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. This work is actually available in its entirety online. I must caution the casual explorer, however. Each volume consists of two parts, and all three that I looked at yesterday were greater than 100MB in size. There is some very interesting information in there, though.

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