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Officers of the 1st US Cavalry in 1861, Part II

The exodus began near the top of the regiment’s hierarchy in January, as LtCol William J. Hardee resigned his commission on the 31st. This Georgia born officer later became a lieutenant general in the Confederate Army. The effects of his resignation then cascaded through the regiment in a series of promotions. William H. Emory, the senior Major, was promoted to take his place. Captain Delos R. Sackett was promoted to the junior Major position, and 1stLt Robert Ransom, Jr was promoted to Captain and the command of Company F. 2ndLt John A. Thompson was promoted to the vacant position of 1st Lt in Company H.

With each resignation, another slew of promotions followed. 1stLt Philip Stockton resigned on February 27th, his position in Company B assumed by 2ndLt Edward Ingraham of Company I. On March 1st, Captain William D. Saussure of South Carolina resigned. Frank Wheaton was promoted to captain in Company B, and Eli Long to 1stLt of Company E.

Colonel Edwin V. Sumner was appointed a Brigadier General in the Regular Army on March 16 upon the dismissal of BrigGen David Twiggs. LtCol Robert E. Lee was promoted and transferred from the 2nd Cavalry to take command of the regiment, while Major John Sedgwick in turn assumed his position as LtCol of the 2nd Cavalry. Captain Thomas J. Wood of Company C was promoted to major, 1stLt David S. Stanley to captain and George D. Bayard to 1stLt the same day.

This must have been very confusing for the noncommissioned officers and enlisted men of the regiment, as none of those promoted remained in the same company. Only 15 of the 34 officers remained in their same rank and duty position over this three month period.

To add to the confusion, six new second lieutenants were appointed to the regiment from civilian life in February and March. Thomas B. Alexander, of Washington Territory, was assigned to Company F on February 21. The four new lieutenants were assigned to their companies on March 27. George G. Huntt, of the District of Columbia, was assigned to Company I; Napoleon B. McLoughlin, of New York, to Company H; and Thomas H. McCormick and Clarence Mouck, both of Pennsylvania, to Company C and G respectively. John A. Wilcox, also of the District of Columbia, was assigned to Company D on March 28.

On March 18th LtCol Emory was ordered to concentrate the regiment at Fort Washita and establish his headquarters there. Listed below are the 34 officers assigned to the regiment at the end of March, 1861. Outside of personnel moves, life remained relatively quiet for the regiment during this period.

Colonel Robert E. Lee*
Lt Col William H. Emory *
Maj Thomas J. Wood
Maj Delos R. Sackett
Adjutant (1Lt) Albert V. Colburn

Company A
Capt William N.R. Beall*
1st Lt Eugene W. Crittenden
2nd Lt Charles S. Bowman
Company B
Capt Frank Wheaton
1st Lt Edward Ingraham*
2nd Lt Oliver H. Fish*
Company C
Capt David S. Stanley
1st Lt Lunsford L. Lomax*
2nd Lt Thomas H. McCormick
Company D
Capt James McIntosh*
1st Lt George D. Bayard
2nd Lt John A. Wilcox
Company E
Capt Samuel D. Sturgis
1st Lt Eli Long
2nd Lt Andrew Jackson Jr
Company F
Capt Robert Ransom Jr*
1st Lt Elmer Otis
2nd Lt Thomas B. Alexander
Company G
Capt William S. Walker*
1st Lt James E.B. Stuart*
2nd Lt Clarence Mouck
Company H
Capt (Henry B. Davidson?)
1st Lt John A. Thompson
2nd Lt Napoleon B. McLoughlin
Company I
Capt (unknown)
1st Lt James B. McIntyre
2nd Lt George G. Huntt
Company K
Capt George H. Steuart*
1st Lt Richard H. Riddick*
2nd Lt Joseph H. Taylor

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