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5th U.S. Cavalry at Gaines Mill – Casualties

The official casualty count of the regiment in the battle was 1 officer and 3 enlisted men killed in action, 3 officers and 27 enlisted men wounded in action, and 2 officers and 19 enlisted men captured or missing in action, for a total of 55 casualties. (OR, Vol. 11, pt. 2, pg. 40)

To the best of my knowledge, no one has listed the names of the casualties, so it seems appropriate to do so for the 150th anniversary of the battle.

The regimental muster rolls for June 1862 reflect the following casualties in the battle. Some of the names could be misspelled, as they are very difficult to read on the return, and I haven’t yet been able to verify them through CWSS or their enlistment documents.

Killed in action:

Lt. John J. Sweet
Pvt. Christopher Baumann, Band
Pvt. Clarence O. Bingham, Co. A
Pvt. Michael Cantor, Co. I

Wounded in action:

Lt. Abraham K. Arnold
Lt. Louis D. Watkins
Lt. Thomas E. Maley

Company A:
Pvt. Ed Horner
Pvt. Jacob Ginsler
Pvt. Frederick Klein
Pvt. David Haas
Pvt. Wm. Conroy

Company D:
Sgt. Wm. Brophy
Pvt. Michael Considine
Pvt. Edward Dolan
Pvt. Edward Gill
Pvt. Albert Saunders
Pvt. Jacob Riis
Pvt. Leonard W. Berner
Pvt. James Comfy

Company F:
Pvt. William A. Rose
Pvt. John Drum

Company H:
Corp. George A. Hess
Pvt. John Coffey
Pvt. James D. Cairns
Pvt. Thomas Crowley
Pvt. Bernhart Miller
Pvt. William Gregory
Pvt. John Fitzpatrick
Pvt. Eugene Gleason
Pvt. Michael Halenhan
Pvt. Thomas McDermott

Company I:
Pvt. Edward C. McGowan
Pvt. Neill Lamont

Missing in action:

Capt. Charles J. Whiting
Capt. William P. Chambliss

Company A:
Pvt. William Flynn
Pvt. Jos. H. Reinholt

Company D:
1st Sgt. Charles Rouen
Sgt. John H. Keane
Sgt. Miles W. Douk
Corp. John J. James
Pvt. Thomas Canavan
Pvt. William Howerr
Pvt. George W. Hicks
Pvt. Patrick Maloney
Pvt. James M. Reno
Pvt. Michael Quinn
Pvt. Peter H. May

Company F:
Corp. Edward Harris
Corp. John J. Moody

Company H:
Sgt. Sheffield Autino
Sgt. Thomas Bennett

The monthly return for June 1862 states a total of 58 missing in action for the regiment for the month. 30 of these were lost at Old Church on the 13th, presumed captured on picket.

There is a discrepancy between the number of wounded enlisted men listed by company on the first page of the return and the names listed on the second page. The numbers of Companies A, D and F match. Company H lists 9 wounded but 10 names wounded in action. Company I lists 4 wounded but only two names.

Listed strength of the companies present for duty listed above in the muster rolls for the end of June 1862:

Co. A: 1 officer, 45 enlisted men
Co. D: 32 enlisted men
Co. F: 1 officer, 44 enlisted men
Co. H: 26 enlisted men
Co. I: 47 enlisted men

The regiment’s mounts suffered in the fight as well. Company A lost no horses, but had 17 unserviceable mounts at the end of the month. Company D lost 29 horses. Company F lost 20 horses, and an additional 4 were unserviceable at the end of the month. Company H lost 18 horses, with an additional mount unserviceable at the end of the month. Company I lost 9 horses, with 4 additional horses unserviceable at the end of the month.

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