Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Officers of the 3rd U.S. Cavalry in the Civil War

With the help of the Army Registers for each of the war years and the monthly regimental returns, I’ve been able to piece together all of the officers who served in the 3rd U.S. Cavalry (formerly Regiment of Mounted Riflemen) during the Civil War. I’ll feature a few of the more interesting members in the Fiddler’s Green series. Since I included the entire war, those members of the regiment who resigned their commissions are listed. Each member is listed at the highest rank they achieved in the regiment during the war. Departures from the regiment are listed when possible.


William W. Loring- resigned May 13, 1861
John S. Simonson- retired for incapacity, September 28, 1861
Marshall S. Howe

Lieutenant Colonels

George B. Crittenden- resigned June 10, 1861
Charles F. Ruff
George Stoneman


Benjamin S. Roberts
Thomas Duncan
Edward W.B. Newby
Kenner Garrard


Andrew J . Lindsay- resigned May 5, 1861
Thomas Claiborne Jr.- resigned May 14, 1861
John G. Walker- resigned July 31, 1861
Llewellyn Jones- transferred to Major, 1st Cavalry, retired November 1, 1861
Washington L. Elliott- transferred to Major, 1st Cavalry
Robert M. Morris
John P. Hatch
Gordon Granger
Alfred Gibbs
William B. Lane
George W. Howland
Alexander McRae- killed at Valverde, NM February 21, 1862
Joseph G. Tilford
Christopher H. McNally
Edward Treacy- died at Cincinnati, OH February 15, 1864
John V.D. DuBois
William W. Averell
Edward P. Cressey
Leroy S. Elbert
Andrew J. Alexander
Elisha W. Tarlton
William Hawley

First Lieutenants

Laurence S. Baker- resigned May 10, 1861
Hyatt C. Ransom- appointed AQM, vacated regt commission June 10, 1861
Roger Jones- appointed AQM, vacated regt commission July 31, 1861
Sidney Banks
James R. Kemble
Charles E. Hay
Frank Stanwood
William A. DuBois
Frederick Van Vliet
Henry Sachs
Philip K. Thomas
William G. Hoffman
Francis H. Wilson
William M. Watts
John E. Phelps
Frederick J. James- died near Cold Spring, NY August 4, 1864
Charles Meinhold
Richard Wall
Gerald Russell

Second Lieutenants

William H. Jackson- resigned May 16, 1861
Henry C. McNeill- resigned May 12, 1861
Joseph Wheeler Jr.- resigned April 22, 1861
John Falvey
Deane Monahan
William Ewing
George O. McMullin
Samuel Hildeburn
Alexander Sutorius
William J. Cain
George Harrington- killed in attack at Memphis, TN August 21, 1864
George J. Campbell
Henry Carroll
Charles Newbold- transferred to 5th U.S. Infantry August 20, 1862
Armon Trimble- commission revoked September 18, 1863
Carter B. Harrison- declined appointment
Theodore Texter- commission revoked September 18, 1863

Brevet Second Lieutenants

Mathis W. Henry- resigned August 19, 1861
George O. Watts- resigned August 10, 1861
John M. Kerr- dismissed


Anonymous said...

You have not included my great Uncle Richard Wall He came through the Ranks from Pvt. to Full First
Sergeant then commission to Full
2nd LT. 17 Jul 1862. He was with C
company 1st mounted rifles then 3rd. Cav. he was at Valverde and
was with K Company Apache canyon.
thhis is in Chivinington's report.
he was Brevet 1St. LT Tuscumbia 15 nov 1863. Full 1St. lt. feb 1864.
during war he K,F,G,C and B during the war.

Don said...


I'm sorry, you didn't leave your name, so I have no way to contact you. I didn't forget your ancestor, he's the next to last name in the first lieutenant group, as he was the next to last person promoted to 1LT during the war. I plan to feature him in the next day or two, but would love to learn of any additional information that you may have.

Anonymous said...

My Name is Robert Fleck
you could contact aat
Here is what I know from my family and things I have seen.
Richard left Ireland at 15 and joined 1ST. Mounted Rifles Company C.
He had a set of Nickle and Ivory handled Colts from Sam Colt The letter says thanks for getting colt being choosen for use by Army.

Richard was left handed.

I know nothing of his enlisted service other then promotions Pvt. To Full first Sergeant in five years.

I have contacted 3RD ACR Historian and have offical list and dates of companys he commanded.

Anonymous said...


Might you know (or know how to obtain) the names of any veterinary surgeons attached to the 3rd US Cavalry during the period 1863-65?


Don said...


Unfortunately, the only way I know of would be to go through the monthly returns for the regiment to try to find them. The good news is that they're available on Ancestry. The bad news is that it wasn't an officer position as near as I can tell, so I don't think they'll be listed by name on a regular basis.