Sunday, April 29, 2012

At long last

The manuscript is at long last at the publisher for editing, hopefully with the last of the permissions to accompany it in the next few days so that editing can continue. Including them was another of the many lessons learned the first time through the publishing process. But that's about handled, and I can finally turn my attention back to blogging for a while. So what's coming up? A few troopers of note from the 5th US Cavalry, including the color bearer from their ill-fated charge at Gaines Mill, and a couple of general court martial case studies of military justice for enlisted troopers during the war. Also, May will be the month that I make up my long neglect of the 3rd US Cavalry, formerly Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, with a series of posts on the officers of the regiment during the war. Stay tuned.

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