Saturday, January 10, 2009

300 and a look ahead for 2009

I hadn't meant to wait this long to get the first post of the year up, but real life has a way of claiming its due time. I noticed when I logged on this evening that my New Year's post was my 300th, and the site went over 20,000 visits last week as well. Nice to start the year off with a couple of milestones. Thank you to everyone who has visited, and especially those who keep coming back.

Posts will most likely be infrequent (best case) or nonexistent (worst case) until the 23rd. I've been recalled from retirement to active duty, and included in this is an all expense-paid trip to South Carolina to be put back into the personnel system, finance system, healthcare system, etc. This was neither involuntary nor unexpected, but preparing for the trip has consumed a good deal of my time of late. So depending on connectivity and the cooperation of my ancient laptop, maybe I'll manage a few posts in the interim. We also found and successfully bid on a house this week, which although time-consuming has come as a great relief.

As for the year ahead, I'm not one for resolutions, as they tend to wear out long before the year does. Instead I have some goals for the year for the blog, my research and other writing projects. They aren't listed in any particular order.

1. 100 posts for the year, which may be a challenge with a slow January.
2. Finish the 6th Cavalry Fiddler's Green articles, and add more diversity from the other regiments.
3. Finish my portion of the virtual battlefield project started with Craig Swain.
4. Have a magazine article accepted for publication.
5. Complete transcription and annotation of the manuscript started in 2008.
6. Feature the 4th Cavalry in 1863 on the blog to learn more of the western theater.
7. More posts explaining facets of cavalry life and tactics.
8. Finish the company muster rolls for at least 8 of the 12 companies of the 6th Cavalry.

The blog format will remain the same for now. I'm considering switching to a different service, but am not yet convinced. I haven't had any problems with this one other than the ability to post separate pages, and have thought of a workaround or two that might work. We'll see.

See you on the high ground, either this week or next.


Ann said...

Safe travels, Don! We'll "see" you when you return.

Eric Wittenberg said...


I am very sorry to hear that you're being called back to active duty involuntarily. Stay in touch and keep your powder dry.


Anonymous said...

I'll keep the electric and water bills paid up on the other site. No big rush, just when ever you are ready.


pinkdeer said...

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Don said...


Sorry that was misleading. It wasn't involuntary, but a voluntary two year recall from retirement. Same job, better pay and benefits. And since a bigger house (with room for ALL of my books!) is in the offing and the economy's in the tank, it seemed prudent.

Don said...


I thought we were free over there?

Don said...


I lucked out and got back a week early. Edwin will be up in the next couple of days!