Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Finally took some time today for some blog housekeeping (I tried 'blogkeeping' and it just didn't look right). The observant reader will note several new additions in the recommended blogs to the right. The housekeeping highlights:

Updated the links for Hoofbeats and Cold Steel and Civil War Memory.

Added several new links. Robert Grandchamp's 7th Rhode Island Volunteers is a new blog that shows great promise, and will give me yet another perspective on presenting regimental histories. Jim Lamason's Thoughts of a Native Son of New Jersey also shows promise. I find Jim Beeghley's Teaching the Civil War With Technology, with many interesting ideas. I have added Jim Bissland's Blood, Tears, and Glory and the collaborative Army of Tennessee to provide some western theater balance to the blog for the new year. Although BT and G isn't currently being written, it ties in well with the wealth of Ohio regulars that I've turned up this year.

I've also added a site that's probably not new, but is new to me. Gettysburg Daily looks to be a very interesting site.

The next round of updates will include distinct lists between 'normal' blogs and 'information compilation' blogs, but there wasn't time for that today.

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Thanks for adding a link to my blog.

Jim Beeghley
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