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One Company’s War, Part II


Feb 7 Relieved from Escort duty with Genl Sumner and joined Regt
Feb 14 On Picket at Richards Ford Va.
Feb 15 Nine en. Men viz. Corpl J. Lepper & Pvts U. Donnelly, D.B. James, G. Leader, W.H. Lee, W. McMahon, E. Staley, L. Webb & R. Webster were missing from Picket line, being Captured by Enemy.
Feb 25 On Picket near Corbins Creek & remained balance of month.
March Furnished regular detail for Picket until
April 14 When Co. made a reconnaissance to Kelly’s Ford and returned.
April 15 Marched to Rappahannock Station, but ordered to Deep Run.
April 16 Swam the horses across Deep Run and returned to Morrisville.
April 21 Marched to Bealton Station.
April 22 Marched to Warrenton Junction and remained there until the 28th, then returned to Bealton Station.
April 29 Marched to Kelly’s Ford, crossed & went on Picket on the road leading to Culpeper C.H.
April 30 Crossed the Rapidan at Ely’s Ford.
May 1 Crossed the North Branch of the North Anna River.
May 2 Crossed the South Branch of the North Anna R. and marched thru Louisa C.H. to Thompson’s Cross roads.
May 3 With Squadron made a reconnaissance towards Va. Cen. R.R. about 8 miles East of Louisa C.H. & returned.
May 4 Marched towards Charlottsville, driving the enemy’s Pickets nd encamped on a road leading to James River.
May 5 Marched all day and night, reaching the North Anna
May 6 Marched to Raccoon Ford on the Rapidan, crossed and encamped on the North side.
May 7 Marched to Kelly’s Ford & remained on the South side.
May 8 Swam the Horses across the Ford & marched to Rappahannock Station.
May 9 Marched to Bealton Station.
May 10 Marched to Deep Run.
May 11 Marched to Harwood Church & remained there for bal. of month. Lost two Pvts A.J. Brock & F. Leach supposed to be captured.
June 9 Pvt H. Cruise missing in action at Beverly Ford.
June 21 Pvt N.W. Turner missing in action at Upperville Va. During mo. of June marched from Harwood Church to Emmitsburg Pa.
July 3d Participated in an engagement with the enemy at Fairfield Pa. losing 19 en. Men viz. Sergt. T. Dodd, Corpl F. Beck & J.W. Hare and Pvts Burroughs, Chilcoat, Colton, Cray, Eaton, Greible, Harris, Herron, Jack, Lewis, McGovern, Murray, Pasdoner, Porter, Smith & Skiff taken Prisoners by the enemy.
July 4 Joined Brigade & marched to near Fredk City Md.
July 6 Marched to Boonsboro & had a skirmish with the enemy.
July 7 Engaged the enemy at Funkstown Md, with a loss of one killed and 7 taken prisoners. Viz. Corpl D.E. Oby killed 1st Sergt G.W. Oby, Sergt J.J. Cocker and Pvts Bigelow, Lewis (?), Vanderender and Webster by the enemy.
July 9 Skirmished with the enemy, no casualties.
July 10 Were dismounted & had a slight skirmish.
July 11 Ordered on Detchd Service at Genl Pleasonton’s Hd.Qrs.
July 15 Marched to Berlin Md.
July 18 Marched to Lovettsville Va.
July 19 Marched to Wheatland Va.
July 21 Marched to Uniontown, Va.
July 22 Marched to Upperville Va.
July 24 Marched to Salem Va.
July 25 Marched to Warrenton Va.
Aug 1 Marched to Warrenton Junction Va.
Sept 12 Marched to Rappahannock River.
Sept 13 Marched to Culpeper C.H. and remained there until Oct 10.
Oct 11 Marched to Brandy Station. Had an engagement with the enemy. “Corpl Schmith and Pvt Stroup” wounded each in right knee. “Pvts Burroughs & Meyer” captured with arms and accoutrements. Crossed River same day & encamped.
Oct 13 Marched to Catlett’s Station. Guard of Cav. Corps Wagon Train.
Oct 14 Marched to near Centreville. Lt N. Nolan Comd’g Co. was wounded in left arm by a Carbine ball while reconnoitering the enemy’s line.
Oct 19 Marched to Groveton.
Oct 20 Marched to Gainsville.
Oct 21 Marched to Warrenton.
Oct 26 Marched to near Auburn.
Oct 30 Moved camp 2 miles west.
Nov 7 Broke camp & moved to Kelly’s Ford.
Nov 10 Marched to & encamped near Glendale.
Nov 11 Marched to & crossed Rappahannock river at R. Station and encamped at Brandy Station.
Nov 26 Marched to & encamped at Germanna Ford.
Nov 27 Escorted Hd. Qr. Mail Train to Rappahannock Station.
Nov 28 Picketed road from Robinson’s Tavern to Raccoon ford.
Dec 1 Marched from Robinson’s Tavern to Rapidan & encamped.
Dec 2 Resumed the march and encamped at Brandy Station. From this time until July 1st 1864, there are no records to show that the company was engaged in any battles or skirmishes.

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