Monday, May 19, 2008

More on 6th Cavalry May 1862 Casualties

I had one of those “Aha!” moments during my drive to work this morning. I was corresponding over the weekend with Tom about the skirmish at Williamsburg, and he had a partial casualty list. The odd thing was that his reference for many of the casualties was the microfilm roll from NARA with the regimental muster rolls. As mentioned in the original post, the returns for the month of may don’t list the wounded, only the one trooper killed.

What I hadn’t checked (and fortunately had printed in a binder in the trunk of the car), was the annual returns for the regiment for 1862. Among the other things listed on the annual return is a by-name list of all those killed or wounded in the regiment during the year. Here, then, is a more complete listing of the 6th Cavalry’s May 1862 casualties:

May 4, 1862 – Williamsburg, VA

Company A
Henry A. Pauli, Corp, wounded
Henry Vanmoss, Pvt, wounded
George Kraft, Pvt, wounded
James Alexander, Pvt, wounded
James Bonner, Pvt, wounded
Charles F.H. Roemer, Pvt, wounded
James H. Ortt, Pvt, wounded
John Maglett, Pvt, wounded

Company E
Suel Merkle, Pvt, killed in action

Company G
Parker Flansburg, Pvt, wounded
Andrew F. Swan, First Sergeant, wounded

Company M
George Baum, Pvt, wounded
Adam Cafoot, Pvt, wounded
James Allen, Corp, wounded
Martin Armstrong, Sgt, wounded
Joshua Kreps, Pvt, wounded
Henry Parks, Pvt, wounded
Robert McBride, Pvt, wounded
Andrew Schwartz, Bugler, wounded

May 9, 1862 – Slatersville, VA

Company E
Charles O’Harra, Pvt, killed in action
Able A. Irish, Pvt, killed in action

May 20, 1862 – New Bridge, VA

Company A
John Manice, Corp, killed in action
William Dickson, Pvt, wounded
James Brennan, Pvt, wounded

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