Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Okay, enough already, back to posting. A nerve-wracking week and a half of jaundice, eye infections, doctor visits and job interviews later, there's finally a little time for relaxation. I fly back to Virginia tomorrow, and will spend the next week or so visiting as many Civil War battlefields as possible. I have to be fairly close to the flagpole, and hopefully it will distract me from the wife and young'un at home.

I plan to start with Gettysburg over the weekend. Probably not my smartest idea since it's the anniversary, but it's one of my few remaining opportunities to do so in the near future. A first visit to Antietam will have to be either on the way up or the way back.

Is there a favorite single source for Gettysburg out there, either single volume or series? Given all that's been written about it and the attention it draws, surely there are some opinions out there.

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