Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Coming soon: The 2d Cavalry's road to war

Yes, I know Civil War Interactive is due to review the blog tomorrow and postings have been brief this week. And I know I said I didn't like the 'coming soon' posting idea. However, two things have led to this post.

First, the topic has turned out to be much more complicated and involved than I'd initially expected. The work is simply taking a great deal more time than I'd initially anticipated. A couple of late-breaking sources almost have me convince it could be worth an article somewhere.

Second, it's our busiest time of year, and I'm just not getting the time I'd like to get the more research-intensive posts together. Combine that with the fact that both computers at home crashed last weekend, and hopefully you can understand why things have slowed a bit. Things will ease up here in another week or so, but until then posts will most likely be shorter and not as frequent as normal (whatever 'normal' is for a blog that's 60 days old!). research continues, it's simply getting it into a palatable format that's taking the time. There's certainly no sign of the end, I have far too much to write about.

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Eric Wittenberg said...

Hey, Don,

E-mail me, please. I need to tip you off to something that you will be very interested in.